Composition #1

Here it is! I got there today, so I'm off to a good start.

I've called it Micromusic 1 after the micro fiction trend that's gaining in popularity. I figure I'll only get very short pieces done to completion each day - 30 bars or 3 pages or so.

The process:

I opened Coda Finale on my computer and chose some instruments to work with. I play guitar and bass, so I chose those instruments and the keyboard. I can sequence the keyboard in Emagic Logic and then multi-track the other parts along with the single sequence part, ending up with something audible that I can post here once it's done. I'd hoped to get started on that today, but it wasn't possible.

I worked mainly in my head and notated what I hoped would work. Once I had a page I played it back to see what it sounded like and then went from there, adjusting notes, rhythms, rests and syncopation. I'm reasonable happy with what I've done and am looking forward to turning it into a recording in due course. It wasn't has hard as I'd feared, was totally consuming and a lot of fun. I'm looking forward to tomorrow and already have a few ideas about what I'll do.


Micromusic 1 for guitars, keyboard and bass.