Composition #5

A larger scale piece has imposed itself upon my efforts for today, so I've only made a start because, as usual, my house husband duties override my follies! I'm taking more care and really thinking through what I want in this piece, so I expect it will be a long term project. I find myself spending a lot of the day when engaged in other chores scheming and imagining how I'm going to proceed and create a logical and structured piece of music. I am already sensing how completely engrossing the art of music composition can be. I've realized that since I pulled the plug on performing I've been a bit at sea and need a creative outlet and  sense of purpose. I thought that photography would be my direction when I retired from singing, but I find that that is not enough, and not the right direction for me. It's a great hobby and passion and gives me great pleasure, but I need to be involved in music. It's in my DNA.

Here's a photo of my computer screen with the beginning few bars.

Micromusic 5, composition by Stephen Bennett