Composition #8

Phew! I found a spare hour in another day of dramas, doctors, vets and rushing around to finish a short piece I started yesterday. I wanted to try and write something for solo acoustic bass guitar exploring the instrument's harmonics. I found a nice little accompaniment with just harmonics, but couldn't find a melody that sounded right. I put the accompaniment into my sequencing program and put it on loop while a fiddled around with melodic ideas high on the neck of the bass. Nothing came to pass other than working out that D major and A major scales worked with the chords. I then came up with the idea of using the Lydian mode of both scales over the appropriate chords, resulting in the following effort. I imagine the 2nd part played on bass guitar using the harmonics only, and the first part on a high wind instrument - maybe the soprano sax. We'll see what works. It's so interesting observing my brain trying to invent something new each day, and the various little excuses it comes up with for maybe abandoning the project for the day and substituting a photograph instead. I'm finding this whole composition process exciting and very difficult at the same time. It's turning out to be a very interesting challenge.

Acoustic bass guitar and music manuscript