Composition #9

Guess what, writing a 4 part a capella piece for vocal ensemble is not as easy as it looks! The first travesty of an attempt was lost when my notation program crashed, so I started again and came up with this parody - Adversus solem ne loquitor. I've sung a lot of this type of music over the years, so I had a pretty good idea of the rhythmic look of the thing, but the harmonic structure is at present beyond me. I guess I'd better get out my Dulcie Holland harmony and counterpoint books and disabuse them of their virginal state.

My wife refused to pose with her mouth open above the music, so Chester's aid was enlisted to perform the function of a choral member. I think he did a pretty good impersonation.

PS. The English translation of this particularly deep and sensitive poem is: Don't speak against the sun.

Adversus solem ne loquitor.JPG