Music Notation

No time today for my own things, I had to get a piece of music transposed for a student. I use Coda's Finale for the job, and have done for the last 24 years. It's a fantastic program and I love to use it. You can solve just about any notation difficulty with it, and you end up with a lovely piece of highly legible music, much better than my handwritten efforts of yesteryear.

The piece is Memory, from Cats, by Andrew Lloyd Webber. I have a young soprano singing it, but it's too low. Once I have it in exactly as printed it's very easy to transpose into any key you want, and this needs to go up about a minor 3rd. I used to use a midi keyboard to enter the notes, but this time I just used my computer keyboard and mouse, which isn't quite as fast, but I'm getting better at it. The key thing is to learn and remember the shortcuts, and then you can fairly whip along.

Computer and printout of music manuscript.