Composition #11

Today was the day to attempt writing a song, hopefully the first of many. Michael Leunig's work has always appealed to me on a visceral level, so I sought out some of his poems to set. I came across this wonderful piece about horrible bureaucrats making such a mess of things the world over, so I attempted to make musical sense of the emotional image that the poem creates for me. I also decided to try and write a vocal line that was simple with a narrow range. I've discovered that there is not nearly enough music for teenage singers studying in the classical genre, particularly males, who tend to have a limited vocal range. Keeping the music simple also allows the student to concentrate on technical matters without the distraction of negotiating musical complexity.

I let the text suggest a melodic line and went from there, filling in the accompaniment to support and amplify the simple melody. All things being equal, my plan is to record this song and post it tomorrow. I just have to work out how to multi-track on the computer first! That shouldn't take too long - maybe morning tea to lunchtime?

Here's an attempt to make a visual expression of the music.

The Awfulisers. A song for voice and piano.